With "Kefei technology" as the center, Zhejiang Kefei Technology Co., Ltd. has six wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Zhejiang Huafei mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kefei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kefei import and Export Co., Ltd., Congo (DRC) Coffey Technology Co., Ltd., Dawang (Singapore) Technology Co., Ltd. and Congo (DRC) new mining Copper Cobalt hydrometallurgy plant.The company can provide customers with a complete set of project design, construction, organization and management of the best solution services. At present, Kefei has a lot of business in metallurgical mines, urban minerals, comprehensive waste residue, comprehensive recovery projects of valuable metals in waste liquid and other fields, covering many countries and regions in the world, distributed in Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets, with good reputation and broad development prospects in the industry.