Zhejiang Kefei Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated technology overall solutions for non-ferrous metallurgical engineering turnkey, project production and operation, engineering consulting and technical service, engineering construction, comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental management. The business covers metallurgical mines, urban minerals, comprehensive waste salg, waste liquid valuable metal comprehensive recovery projects, etc.

The company has professional design force in smelting, mineral processing, machinery, architecture, structure, environmental protection, electrical, water supply and drainage, general drawing, technical economy and other processes and related public and auxiliary support, and has a group of high-quality technical and management personnel team with rich pratical experience in production. The company has the ability of project design, machinery and equipment processing, engineering project construction and production operation services, and has established a complete set of company management system intergrating project general contracting construction to production operation service management.

Based on the premise of independent research and development, the company actively carries out domestic and international technical cooperation and exchange, strengthening cooperation with scientific research institutes such as Zhongnan University, Hohai University, Institutes of Process Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwest Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, etc., to research and develop efficient extraction and separation technologies of valuable metals under different environmental conditions, and various treatment processes of comprehensive waste slag and waste liquid. With "Kefei Technology" as the center, we have wholly-owned subdidiaries such as Kefei Machinery & Equipment, Kefei Engineering & Construction, Kefei Import&Export Trading, Kefei Overseas Engineering, Kefei Production Management, etc., to provide customers with a complete set of services for project design, construction, organization and management of the best solutions.


The company aims to become an internationally renowned general contracting service provider integrating various functions such as project design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, import and export transportation and production operation management, etc. we uphold the corporate values of “professionalism, integrity, innovation and cooperation” and adhere to the corporate philosophy of “ winning the market with service and satisfying customers with quality” to ensure the quality and level of service and create the greatest value for our customers and society.