Kefei R&D Center was established in 2011 and recognized as a high-tech enterprise cyclone electrolysis technology R&D Center in Zhejiang Province in 2014, which is an important experimental base for conducting cyclone electrolysis technology development and using it to research metal smelting recovery, as well as a public support platform to serve various projects design and carry out various scientific research activities in metallurgical industry. The purpose of the center is to provide metal recovery technology solutions for various industrial, mining and environmental protection enterprises, and to recommend the best process route for

specific materials, to extract metal products economically and efficiently, and to create more value for customers; at the same time, to maximize the research and development capabilities, to complete high-level scientific research projects, to improve the existing processes and to solve the technical problems that exist in the metallurgical industry.

The company has invested more than 12 million to the comprehensive construction and transformation of the R & D center, has now built a perfect R & D test platform, with more than 2,500 square meters of test base, covering the test, semi-industrial production experiments, physical and chemical testing and other functional departments, the purchase of advanced chemical experimental instruments and equipment. Through the company's investment in construction funds, the amount of fixed assets of instruments and equipment in the R&D center has reached more than 5 million, and now it has many instruments such as atomic absorption spectrometer, high purity water purifier, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometric breadth (meter), cyclone electrolysis small test device and pilot equipment and related products, etc. The acquisition of these instruments and equipment has provided a reliable guarantee for the enterprise's scientific research projects and external services.

Since the establishment of R&D center, the team construction is reasonable, the system is sound, the responsibilities are clear, and there is a technical research team full of enthusiasm, teamwork, erudition and innovation. There are 14 staff members, including 3 with senior titles and 6 with intermediate titles. The R&D center actively carries out various technical research and development work, and has provided strong technical support for the technical projects of many enterprises such as Jinchuan Group, Tongling Nonferrous Metals, Zijin Mining Group Co.,Ltd, and Zhongjin Group, such as the production of electrowinning copper from black copper slag, the recovery of purified silver from silver contacts, the recovery of bismuth from white soot, the comprehensive recovery and treatment of high arsenic soot, and the treatment of nickel-cobalt alloy by pressurized acid leaching technology, etc. The company now has 18 patents that have been The company has 18 authorized invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents, and has implemented industrialization projects that have made important contributions to the development of local enterprises and local economy.


The center wll adhere to the spirit of "inspiration and pursuit of excellence" to provide strong technical support for the research of enterprise and make greater contributions to the development of metal recycling equipment and environmental protection.