Zhejiang Kefei Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the long-term development of the enterprise and the overall demand for talents, adheres to the talent concept of "common development of employees and the enterprise" and "the best is the right", attaches great importance to the "selection, education, utilization and retention" of talents, continuously strengthens talent management, creates professional talent team, and provides strong talent guarantee for the long-term development of Kefei.

1、Innovating ideas and selecting talents

Talent is the driving force of enterprise development, the first prerequisite for enterprise success is to find the right person. Based on reality, Kefei innovates ideas, makes reasonable planning in talent selection, and selects talents suitable for the development of enterprises and industries through multiple channels.

2、Build a platform to cultivate talents

Kefei adheres to the concept of "common development of employees and enterprises", builds a platform for joint entrepreneurship, common development and common learning, condenses professional forces and personal resources from all sides, and makes joint efforts around the established development goals on the co built platform. Create good communication channels and share different resource information. Regular training of various professional knowledge, so that employees can develop in an all-round way, grow into both professional experts and safety production and management experts, and form an all-round professional talent team with Coffey characteristics.

3、Not stick to one pattern and employ talents

Kefei adheres to the employment concept of "the right person is the best". It knows the right person well, selects the right person according to the position, and uses the right person to do the most suitable thing. It realizes the good match between the ability and quality of the staff and the post, makes the staff play their own advantages, creates the maximum value for the enterprise, and forms a win-win situation between the staff and the enterprise.

4、Optimize environment and retain talents

Kefei insists on continuously optimizing the talent development environment, treating talents favorably and encouraging talents. The company has gradually established a salary and welfare system suitable for its own development and needs. Adhering to the principle that employees' contribution to the enterprise is relative to employees' income, the company has reasonably planned employees' career promotion channels. Through regular salary adjustment, equity incentive, special reward and other measures, the company has enabled employees to obtain equal returns in spiritual and material aspects, so as to encourage the elite to strive for excellence and stand out.